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I am Ramakant Sharma, a Delhi- based independent digital marketing consultant. With more than six years of experience in Digital Marketing, I have worked on more than 50 projects for domestic as well as international clients. I have developed my own set of strategies to help clients grow their online business.

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Why Hire an Independent Digital Marketing Expert?

In majority of cases, businesses find it difficult to get the right talent for a digital marketing campaign. There could be so many reasons behind that such as budget constraint, lack of knowledge, and previous bad hiring experience.

The fact is that any good SEO specialist who works with a digital marketing agency would often hesitate to leave an agency and join your company which focuses only on your personal digital marketing projects. Does that make sense? It certainly does. The best way to get away with this situation is to hire an independent local digital marketing consultant (freelancer).

I have been running SEO, SMO, and PPC campaigns to help clients improve their online presence. Though working and living in Delhi, I work with clients worldwide.

I’m capable of taking full control of your digital marketing wing (or create one from scratch in case you don’t have a separate digital marketing department).

Need a leader to guide your digital marketing team? Need help with digital marketing? If yes, then I’m open to new opportunities with firms and agencies of good repute. No one can good at everything. I’m always in a mood of learning.

Digital Marketing Services


Every individual wants his/her website ranks top on the popular search engines with the targeted keywords. I offer consulting services and ensure that my clients learn to leverage SEO techniques to generate organic traffic on a website.

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In this digital era, you cannot even think about operating your business effectively without making an impactful presence on social media. Therefore, I will let you know how to make your social media presence strong in a short span of time.

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Pay-per-click helps you generate traffic to your website instantly. I assist my clients in finalizing strong keywords for their PPC advertising campaign to drive targeted audience and thus generate traffic.

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Online Reputation Management (ORM) helps you build an online reputation for you and your website. I am here to guide you on how you can build online reputation of a person, website, brand etc.

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